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damenbrown replied to your post: rimbaud screenprint that has also been…

Damn girl, you should sell teeshirts and totes on that stay too.

hey, thanks! i’ll maybe have a chance to make a few bags.

Anonymous said: If everyone should be taught not to rape to stop rape from happening, shouldn't this new socio-criminological tool be first used to teach everyone not to murder before anything else? Isn't prevention compassion? You want your kid to have their bike, so you tell them to lock it when they leave it somewhere.

first things first: this is the last question from you i will answer unless you tell me why you chose me as the subject of your questions - have you met me irl, or am i just very special, or do you go around asking these questions from all people on tumblr who post something that indicates them being feminists?
that being said, to your questions here… funnily enough, i’m pretty sure we are indeed taught not to kill other people.  and yes, i think both should be taught, and no, i do not see teaching these two things in any way canceling each other out, not logically and not pragmatically. now, i understand you’re indicating that teaching people not to murder has not stopped murders from happening. that is a fact. in the united states there were 14,827 homicides in 2012. there were 84,767 reported rapes in the united states in 2010. there’s quite a difference, especially when sexual violence is  considered the most under-reported violent crime (according to a british government study from 2007 75-95 % of rape crimes are never reported to police). this also leaves out that rape in marriage is still not considered a crime in many countries.
i find your analogy of comparing a kid’s bike to a person’s right for their body, freedom and sexual integrity very crude and downright shitty, but let’s run with that one if it pleases you: yes, if i had a kid and they had a bike, i would tell them to lock it, but first and foremost i would tell my kid that they should not steal or break other kids’ bikes. if the bike got stolen, was it locked or unlocked, i wouldn’t blame my kid for the crime, as he did not commit it.  i would tell them that bikes do sometimes get stolen, but it should not be that way and it’s not right. i would tell my kid that a world where bad things happen should not be taken by granted, wholly accepted, endorsed and maintained - i would tell them that they should at least by their own actions try to make it a bit better, and not stealing those fucking bikes is  a start and the least they can do.

rimbaud screenprint that has also been ruining my life lately

rimbaud screenprint that has also been ruining my life lately

monumental drawing (180 cm wide) that’s been ruining my life lately.

monumental drawing (180 cm wide) that’s been ruining my life lately.

Anonymous said: What does feminism in your opinion do to rectify all the things you mentioned?

like movements do: raising awareness, educating, asking questions, taking a stand and fighting back against inequality, oppression and violence - both on organization and individual level.

Anonymous said: Why are you a feminist?

because i was 13 the first time i was groped on a public place by a strange man. because i need to use the fingers of my both hands to count how many of my friends have been raped when the number should be zero. because some of these friends have thought it’s their fault and thought they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they reported it. because women face sexual harrassment daily. because when i go to the corner pub alone i’m nervous because sooner or later i’m going to be asked why a young woman is there alone, when i just want to read my book in peace. because my kid brother got picked on at school because his “ass was feminine” and caused him such anxiety he started to wear clothes many sizes too big for him to avoid the ridicule. because a male friend of mine feels inadequate because he’s not “tall enough for a man” and another one because he’s not “strong enough for a man”. because i know many women who have felt they are not small, thin or pretty enough for a woman. because friends of mine have to face threat of violence because of their gender identity. because i’m afraid to hold hands with my girlfriend when we’re abroad. because of the tears of rage in my mother’s eyes when she told me that rape in marriage wasn’t a crime in finland til the 1990s. because my girlfriend got shamed and accused at the police station when she reported a man trying to rape her. because women’s euro has been only around 80 cents for the past 20 years. because sex is still mainly considered as something women give and men get. because when boys picked on me when i was a kid i was told that they just like me, as i should consider bullying by boys as a sign of affection. because a guy in my health ed class in 8th grade stated that when on perioud women should just stick something in their cunts and shut up about it. because when i was 15 a male “friend” told me i shouldn’t call myself a female/a woman before i have had sex with a man (i’m 23, still haven’t, and i think i am a woman without the magical touch of a male penis thanks). because other women and i feel like we should be careful, hide and take precautions not to be fucking harrassed or raped. because we are taught how not to get raped when everyone should be taught not to rape. because i want equality and freedom for all genders and sexualities. because i aknowledge the patriarchy that by defining us oppresses and cages us, and i am not fucking happy about it.

Anonymous said: do you recommend californication?

i’m on the first season and i really enjoy it, i can’t tell if it’ll stay as good for the whole 7 seasons or whatnot. but so far it has been really fun, it makes me laugh a lot, and it’s also kinda sweet and touching in a way. it has a lot of sex and obscenity and foul language, so if you don’t want to see that, then it’s not a good choice.

ten minutes into the first episode of californication and i’m having a boner

seriously, sexy mulder smoking, drinking, womanizing and throwing off pop culture references, unf

it was almost two weeks without posting again, i’m sorry. in a way stuff has been going on, but to be honest, not really. i’m just drifting away from most things. anyway, recently:
- i turned 23. v gave me a really sweet gift, and a even sweeter letter. it made me cry. (my father ignored my birthday the second year in a row though, which made me a bit sad. )
- school is here again, and i’m really stressed out all the time. the future terrifies me. i’ve had a few bad break-downs, but my darling has been there for me and i guess i’m doing better now.
- yesterday i sent applications for changing my last name & my middle name, and if they will be accepted, i will finally get my mother’s maiden name - i’ve been wanting this for years !
- i’m down with flu right now and i feel like shit
- basically i’ve just been watching malcolm in the middle and reading lesbian porn blogs for a few weeks now. not simultaneously, but you know.

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  • Me: do you like rough sex
  • Them: yeah lip biting is great
  • Me: no you don't understand

Marlene Dietrich, by Cecil Beaton.


Marlene Dietrich, by Cecil Beaton.

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Claude Cahun - Surrealist Assemblage, 1936


Claude Cahun - Surrealist Assemblage, 1936

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there’s a girl who lives in the same neighbourhood as i, and i’ve taken the same bus with her fo about million times. at some point she also started to work in a secondhand clothes store i quite often visit, which is in an another part of town. i’m not usually good with faces, but she has caught my attention with her extraordinary style and overall pretty. i’m creepy like that, i notice some people and look at them a lot. 
we have never talked.
and i think i just saw her on my tumblr dashboard. i’m sure of it, actually.

internet is so weird!