banzai banzai, it's better to write then die

my 60s style blog

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i am so goddamn young
&& born decades too late
&& silly beatnik chick
&& rock'n'roll addict
&& wannabe poet
writer & dylanist & bookworm & painter & nerdy lesbian
& brainiac amour with patti smith

21 years old, helsinki, finland
♥: patti smith, bob dylan, the rolling stones, david bowie, rock'n'roll, allen ginsberg, beat generation, sixties, movies, literature, poetry, philosophy, arts, smoking, blues, writing, tom waits, leonard cohen, quentin tarantino, ray loriga, jean genet, greta garbo, henry miller etc.

alright, so i’m an idiot. an idiot wino. and this drinking on weekdays… gotta give that one up. hanging out at university building ‘til 6 am and smoking out of the toilet’s window was cool but i’m an idiot anyway and now i’ll go back to bed. good morning.

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